Using Sedum as a Container Plant

Sedum Mixed Planter

Sedum are a well-known genus of flowering perennials that come in many different shapes, colors, and sizes. Interesting foliage, showy blooms, and easy care are just a few things that contribute to their popularity. Their drought tolerance and resistance to extreme heat and cold make them a staple in Baltimore gardens.

Sedum generally prefer full sun but will tolerate light shade as well. They are a great addition for gardeners looking to attract pollinators, particularly hummingbirds and butterflies. Although often overlooked for use in containers, Sedum are actually a perfect option. They are long lasting, with interest beginning in Spring and lasting into the Fall, and most are hardy enough to be left in containers year-round. They will take the beating of full sun while not requiring much watering, if any- in fact they thrive when neglected!

Things to note when using Sedum in containers:

-Be aware of the height and width of the Sedum you select, as they have drastically different habits. Taller varieties such as ‘Autumn Joy’ and ‘Neon’ can be used to give height or fill a larger container on their own, while low-growing/spreading varieties such as ‘Angelina’ or ‘Blue Carpet’ caSedum plantersn be used along edges and in window boxes to spill over and create a cascading effect.

-Use a well-draining soil. Most all-purpose potting mixes are ideal. Cactus mixes are fine, but not necessary. In fact, many people have reported better success with regular potting mix.

-Shallow containers are better due to their shallow root system. Adding a 1-2” layer of gravel at the base to improve drainage is recommended. For deeper containers, more gravel should be used. You want to avoid having a large amount of wet soil which can lead to fungal problems.

-Do not water regularly as you would other sun-loving plants in containers.  Sedum will perform best if left to dry out fully between watering.

-Pair various types of Sedum together in the same pot to provide different effects, or combine with other succulents for a very unique look.