Plant Profile: Rhaphidophora tetrasperma

by John R.

This time around we wanted to highlight a very trendy up-and-coming star in the houseplant scene- Rhaphidophora tetrasperma. You’ll find these guys sold under common trade names like “Mini Monstera” or “Monstera Minima”, although they don’t belong to that genus at all. They do grow similarly, though, Read more

Plant Profile: Monstera deliciosa

by John R.


Monstera deliciosa is known most commonly as the ceriman, split leaf philodendron, or swiss cheese plant. This flowering tropical native to southern Mexico can be found growing in the wild across parts of Asia, Australia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and even Florida. A popular indoor plant nearly everywhere else, its iconic leaves are printed on everything from clothing to dishes, jewelry, greeting cards, and all sorts of home décor. Watching new leaves of varying shapes, patterns, and sizes form is a lot of fun and makes M. deliciosa a particularly rewarding plant to grow.

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