Beating Winter Blues

by Peter B.


I love my houseplants all year long yet I especially appreciate their presence in the fall and winter! The majority of my plants spend summer outside in various locations around my yard. I bring them in by mid-October and they instantly enliven my house once again. I grow a variety of plants including large leaf tropicals, cacti, and even some tropical cacti! Many have been with me for decades. Read more

A Native Beauty

Pink Flowering Dogwood
by Peter B.


The species Cornus florida, Flowering Dogwood, is one of the most recognizable and beloved of all our native early flowering trees.  The large showy bracts (commonly called showy flowers) are impressive in April as they brighten wooded edges and home landscapes. Keeping track of the many cultivars can be daunting as hundreds exist. Read more

Camellias: A Winter Star

by Peter B.


The best remedy to a cold dark winter is the promise of late winter/early spring’s first blooms. No other flowering shrub quite does that with such panache as the genus Camellia. With its double, single, semi-double, peony flowered, anemone flowered, rose form double or formal double flowers, who cares that there may still be snow on the ground when they bloom!   


Read more

Forcing Paperwhites and Amaryllis in Potting Medium

by Peter B.


During the winter months, cold temperatures and bad weather force outdoor gardeners inside. One way to cope with a long winter is to force bulbs for indoor bloom. The top choices for forcing are bulbs that are native to warmer climates.  Because of this, they do not require a cold period to initiate blooming.  Read more

Best True Bulb, Corm, and Rhizome Planting tips

by Peter B.


The best spring garden you will ever have starts this fall with true bulb, corm, and rhizome planting. Garden centers and bulb houses will start selling inventory in September but wait to plant. October through early December planting in Maryland will give you the best results. This also allows for summer annuals to finish their show. Read more